Pre-Hire Testing Services

MANUFACTURING HR PROFESSIONALS! Save yourself from expensive hiring mistakes by utilizing CITC Pre-Hire Testing Services. Job candidates never exaggerate their capabilities, right? Are you taking their word for it or do you want to find out for sure? At CITC we have been formulating training plans, tests and shop evaluations for new and incumbent employees for over 23 years.

We offer time-tested written exams and shop evaluations on important subjects like:

  • Shop math basic to advanced, Blueprint reading basic to advanced,
  • Quality control from basic measurements to mics, calipers,gauges thread gauges, pin gauges, comparator
  • GD+T, G and M codes basic to advanced
  • Swiss CNC operator, Set-up, barfeeder, guide bushing and collet changeover
  • And more!

We administer 3rd party independent written tests and/or at-machine evaluations in our shop and deliver the results to you. YOU make an informed hiring decision. It's that simple!

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